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TAVFD Station 1

Station 1

TAVFD Station 1 is located at 133 Tiger Drive. This station houses Engine 1 as well as the brush/wildland fire truck. Rescue 1, Rescue 2, and Rescue 3 trucks are also maintained at this location.

TAVFD Station 2

Station 2

TAVFD Station 2 is located in Dry Valley and houses Tanker/Truck 2.

TAVFD Station 3

Station 3

TAVFD Station 3 is located at 7002 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy (Hwy 321) just inside the Townsend City limits on the west (Maryville and Walland) side of Townsend. This station houses Engine 2 and Tanker/Truck 3 as well as a meeting room.

TAVFD Station 4

Station 4

TAVFD Station 4 is located at 7622 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy (Hwy 321) in the middle of Townsend. This station houses Townsend 1, the department's primary EMS apparatus. Additionally, the AMR ambulance service may stage a vehicle during certain days/shifts in the Townsend area at this location.

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